Nos 55 & 57 grade II

C18, 2 storeys, slate roof with scroll foot stones. Modern shop windows, with 6 12-parted sash windows

The shop front was added for the Gas Board Showroom (20th century)


No 55

2010                         Property Agents Lovedays

No 57

2010                         As 55

1938,39,                  Berwick and Tweedmouth Gas Light Co Ltd

                                  J.M.Hardacre manager

1935,29,11             Accountant & Sec of Gas Co. John M.Edney Sec

1910                         Accountant and Vice Consul for the German Empire                                      and Sec to the Gas Co. John M Edney

1906                         Berwick & Tweedmouth Gas Light Co

                                  Manger Thomas George Turner Sec. G Turner

1902                         Private Ralph Thompson

1902                         Grain Merchants J R Black & Co Ralph Thompson                                        Manager

1901census             Draper James Russell

1891census             Draper James Russell