Nos 27 to 33 (odd) II

Late C18. Stuccoed, 2 storeys, with 19th century shop fronts and 6 sash windows above.

Additional information

Signs in the basement of much earlier structures, the floor levels have been altered. No 27 has a fine possibly  16th century Tudor arched chimney piece. The levels of which provide clues to the original late medieval street.

31 was the premises of J J Simmen confectioners in 1894

Remains of 16th century “Tudor” arched chimney piece


No 27

2010                         Hairdresser Heaven Beauty Salon

2000                         Dressmaker EJP Design Joyce Paterson

1935                         Tobacconist G.W.Wright

1929,25,11,10        Tobacconist Thos. Mathews

1901Census           Tobacconist Thos. Mathews

1897,91                    James Edward Ainsley and 29

1887,81                    William Ainsley and 29

No 29

2010                         Montecarone name of house

1891census             Tobacco Manufacturer ? James Ainslie with No 31

1881,79,73             Clothier George Young

No 31

2010                         Holistic Clinic The Retreat

2000                         Model/Hobby T.J.Hobbies Gerry Nichol

1929,25                    Ministry of Labour & Mng Robert Topping

                                  Employment Exchange And No 33

1911,10,06             Musical Instrument Dealers George Todd

1897                         Confectioneer John Jacob Siminen

1891                         Tobacco Manufacturer Launchlin Ainsley

1887                         Corn & Flour Merchants Holmes & TurnerNo 33

2010                         Private

1910                         Fried Fish Dealers Vignalli Bros –was Bridge End

1881,79                    Grocer Robert Gilchrist and 35